5 Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzels

Don't these look pretty?

Well, not only are they pretty to look at, they are pretty darn tasty, too!

I love the salty-sweet combo of pretzels and chocolate for years, and now I am learning how to make my own.

I found this large, ornament-style container of Holiday shaped pretzels at Sam's Club . 
That planted the idea to dip them in chocolate and give them to neighbors and friends.

You will find star, tree and bell pretzel shapes.  I picked out all the star shapes and got my white chocolate ready.

I am using Guittard White Ribbon chocolate coating.  You can find this coating at the Honeyville Farms store in Salt Lake.

I microwaved the coating on high for one minute, gave it a stir and then microwaved it again in 20 second increments till it was fully melted.

Tip:  Put the container of melted chocolate onto my uncovered heating pad to keep the chocolate melted throughout the dipping process. 

You can see that using a fork will hold to much of the melted chocolate under the pretzel...

Tip:  Use a chocolate dipping fork.  I found this one for under $4 at Orson Gygi, but you can also find it at Cooking.com.

You can keep the melted chocolate plain, or add any flavoring you like.  I chose peppermint oil.

To start, simply put your naked pretzel into the melted chocolate,

flip it over with the dipping fork, tap it several times against the container to remove the excess chocolate,

and wipe the bottom edge of the fork against your container.

Place your dipped pretzel onto parchment paper and sprinkle with colored sugar sprinkles.

The chocolate sets fairly quickly, so I only dipped two pretzels at a time and then sprinkled them.

What a pretty, edible treat to give away to someone you love!


  1. Darling. I especially like the salty/sweet combo instead of just purely sweet! I'm off to Sam's in my area now.

  2. Looks absolutely delicious! I would so love to try some. I am sure they taste great.

  3. They look easy enough for even me. I might have to try them!

  4. Y-U-M! Thanks for the idea! My Bunco Babes are gonna LOVE these! Would love to chat some more but I gotta go get dressed & head to Sam's!!

  5. I love the star pretzels, and dipped in white chocolate they look really pretty!


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