0 Cool Kitchen Tool: Stainless Steel Ruler

A ruler can be a necessisty when you need a straight line. 

Cutting sugar cookie dough, pie or bread dough can be tricky if you try to free hand a straight line.

I purchased a cheapie dollar plastic ruler and quickly found that the markings and numbers wash off.  I searched high and low over the internet for a ruler that would meet my baking requirements.

It had to be durable, made of stainless steel, be 18" long and NO cork backing.  Many of the rulers I found, after close inspection of the description, had a cork backing. 

I finally found THE RULER of my baking dreams!

Introducing the Empire Stainless Steel 18" Ruler!  You can find it on Amazon HERE.

It is currently $8.49, though the price can change any moment.  Add this cool kitchen tool to your baking collection!


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