9 Kitchen Tip: Organizing Spices

Do your spices fall and land on you?

Can you find the cinnamon?

If so, I found a simple, inexpensive way to organize my spices.

These baskets and wire shelf were found at Walmart.

These long, narrow baskets are perfect for most of my spices, extracts and sprinkles.

All I do is pull out a basket like a drawer, to see what is available...

or pull out the entire basket, and put it back when I'm done.


  1. nice! My hubby made me a wall spice shelf for my most used spices the rest I have to dig for! LOL

  2. Did you find those in the cookware department or somewhere else? I find locating things in Walmart a little confusing, so pointing me in the right direction would be a big help. Thanks!

  3. I think I found them with the laundry baskets and other clear containers. You're right, it can be confusing! If you can't find them, I'll look again and post an update.

  4. What a brilliant idea! I have a lazy susan in my cabinet, but the spices are always falling off. I like this idea so much better!

  5. I'm continually fighting with my spices! I'll have to give the baskets a try and see if they'll work in my cupboard. Great idea.

  6. I need some serious help in the spice organization department. First of all, I need a step stool to get up to my spice cabinet, and then I spend 15 minutes searching (swearing) at how many spices I have and how many duplicates there are. ACK! I definitely need to do something.

  7. Mags, what about a spice drawer? This one looks pretty cool;

  8. Brilliant idea -- and not expensive to do, either!

  9. I just ran across this and it is EXACTLY what I do with my spices also but I take it a step further. I have those white coated metal shelves they sell to stack cups, dishes, etc... and place another row on top, depending on your height between cabinets. I also have a wire coated hanging shelf and I have the smaller square baskets and 2 fit perfectly in that. I am OCD so I have my spices grouped by certain criteria...lol


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