4 OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

I received a gift card to Target last Christmas and this is what I got.  I have several OXO tools and I love them.  I have used this mandoline for several things:

Slicing thin onions.  Super fast, super easy, and best of all?  No tears.

I can slice potatoes super thin, too!  Great for a potato au gratin.

Want matchstick carrots?

Here's a tip for slicing carrots (works well for food processors, too!):  Spray the plastic part(s) with oil where the carrots will come in contact.  This will keep them from getting stained that orange color.

I love the slicer guard.  Just poke the veggie....

Begin slicing...

Slice all the way to the end....no cuts on your fingers!  Yay!  It slices all the way with very little waste.

This comes apart easily for washing...and folds flat for compact storage.

The blades store very nicely in the underside...

This doesn't replace my food processor for shredding and chopping, but I love how I can slice with this!  This is a mid-price range slicer and for $40, I think it is reasonable.  This is great for small jobs, as it does require some muscle work.  Save the larger jobs for the food processor.

You can find this at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and Amazon.

I was not compensated for this post.  Opinions expressed are always mine!


  1. I had a mandoline a few years back but to be honest, I was afraid to use it and wash it for fear I'd completely slice myself. You've reminded me that I wish I hadn't sold it for pennies at my garage sale before I left Utah....ugh. Maybe again someday.

  2. Can you please mention, "Spray the plastic part(s)" with what? oil?

    1. Sure thing! Post has been updated. Any oil spray will work nicely.

    2. Thank you!:)


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