5 Halloween Food!

Yummy Mummy Sugar Cookies

Halloween is just around the corner!

Cheese A Dillas

Celebrate with food all day long on Halloween, whether you serve up Cheese A Dillas or Mummy Dogs for lunch or dinner....

Mummy Dogs

... with a side of Fruit Snack O'lanterns,

Fruit Snack O'Lanterns

and a spooky hot chocolate drink!

Spooky Hot Chocolate
If your family likes chili, how about serving it with buttery bread stick bones?

Buttery Bread Stick Bones

For dessert, how about these low fat brownie bats?  So moist and delicious, you'll never miss the calories....
Low-Fat Brownie Bats
My Fruit Snack O'Lantern was featured in 10 healthy Halloween recipes found throughout the web on Free Fitness Tips ~ take a look and see what fun treats are in store!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Such fun ideas! I need to get busy and plan a fun menu for Halloween.

  2. Excellent. Very creative ones. Thanks ton for sharing the ideas. :-D

  3. I made the mummy cookies...they turned out so cute! I found some pre-made eyes at Joann's for half price ($2.50 for about 65 of them), which made it really easy. My nieces and nephews loved them!

  4. Great ideas and so cute and festive!

  5. I love the Mummy cookies! I always love stopping by for your great ideas!


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