1 Freezing Rosemary & Other Herbs

My rosemary plant did really well on its own this year ~ I cut off the branches and covered the "stump" with dry leaves.  It helped that it was a mild winter in Utah last year.  I'm hoping for another mild winter...

But just in case my rosemary plant dies, I want to have fresh rosemary this winter and throughout next spring.  I love using it in my Herbed Turkey Breast and Prime Rib recipes during the winter holidays.

Freezing fresh herbs is very simple.  I wash and dry the herbs in my OXO salad spinner.  You can also dry your herbs between sheets of paper towels.

Removing the leaves from its woody stem is really easy.  Hold the rosemary branch in one hand and hold the top with the other hand... (my right hand is taking the pic)

Pull the leaves in the opposite direction that they are growing in....the leaves come off very quickly and easily.

 Pinch off the top bunch of leaves and viola ~ you have a pile of fresh, clean herbs!

I blotted these herbs with a paper towel and bagged them in a freezer safe bag.  These herbs should last me up to a year.  To use these herbs, take out what you need directly from the freezer and chop or use according to your recipe.

The temperatures will be dropping to the freezing zone soon .... I better go see what other herbs I can rescue in my garden and freeze for the winter!

Some Favorite Recipes Using Rosemary:

Roasted Baby Red Potatoes

Roasted Turkey Stew (close to Chuck A Rama's Kettle Roasted Turkey)


Potato Rosemary Rolls

Company Pot Roast

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  1. Beautiful. I have a wonderful potted rosemary plant that I am ready to bring inside for the winter. It is loaded. I never knew how to freeze it though. Thanks.


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