4 Southern Pecan Pie & 6 Professional Pie Baking Tips

I have never been a fan of Pecan pie. Until now.

Why?  The filling is usually a lumpy, gelatinous mess, which to a texture eater like me, just doesn't settle well in my mouth.

It took a professional baker, who introduced me to this REAL Southern Pecan pie: a rich, buttery, silky and sweet filling with pecans and a crunchy cookie-like topping.

I just had to have the recipe ... and she gave it to me!

In a bowl, combine granulated sugar, light brown sugar and a couple tablespoons of flour (don't worry, the full recipe link is at the bottom of the page)...

Next, eggs, melted butter (not hot), evaporated milk and some coarsely chopped nuts.

Tip: Pan roast the nuts to bring out even more flavor!

Tip: Stir this with a spoon.  Why?  If you use beaters, it will cause too much of the sugar to dissolve and the top of your pie will burn while baking in the oven. (I did not know that!)

Tip: Next, create a 4" strip of foil that will fit around your pie.  It took three strips, ends pinched together, to go around this pie.  This will be your pie "shield" or "fence" that will prevent your crust from getting too brown while in the oven.  (I always thought the shield had to go on top of the crust)

Tip: This professional baker prefers to use glass pie pans.  Pour the filling in a premade, uncooked pie crust.

This is as full as I dared ~ this recipe will fill a deep pie dish. Luckily, I had two smaller 4" pie crusts in the freezer and pulled those out to hold the extra filling.

Tip:  Yes, you can freeze pie crusts!

Put the pie in a preheated 350°F oven and wrap the foil around the pie, pinching the ends and creating your pie "fence." Bake the pie until the middle no longer jiggles when you try to shake it.  During the last five minutes, remove the foil to allow the pie crust to brown nicely.

It is better to overbake than underbake, to make sure the pie crust gets cooked.

Tip:  Remove the pie from the oven, but DO NOT CUT INTO THE PIE WHILE WARM OR HOT!  The pie must be completely cooled before cutting or the filling will run ...

This pecan pie will be puffy and brown, but will settle a little bit during the cooling process.

I was thrilled that this pie had set ~ no runny, goopy mess!

Ohhhh .... look at that flaky pie crust ... I know you want a piece!

This is an extremely rich pie ~ you will want to cut it into much smaller pieces than you would normally cut a pie.

This recipe is a keeper ~ pin, share and made it for your next holiday meal!

Southern Pecan Pie

(4x6 recipe card download)     (full page printable recipe)

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  1. I love pecan pie and make it only once during the year for Thanksgiving. It's decadent but oh so good. Thanks for the tips and recipe.

  2. Beautiful photographs Frieda! Love the "fence"!

  3. looks amazing. Will try to squeeze it in the weekend baking session. finally a recipe that doesn't call for a cup of corn syrup...

  4. What a great twist on pecan pie. My husband would love this one too.


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