3 Top Ten for 2012

Welcome to the top ten popular posts of 2012!

According to Google Analytics, these are the posts that have been looked at the most during the year.

#1 is the Outback Bread shown above. This bread is simply a version of my wheat bread recipe.  What makes this bread unique is the dark coloring and the hint of cocoa powder.  It can be made without the caramel coloring with the same great taste ~ the bread will be a lighter color.

#2 on the list is White Texas Sheet cake.  This moist, buttery vanilla cake is perfect for  a group of people and it will disappear quickly!  Readers have left comments how they have added almond flavoring to the cake and different toppings...nuts or crushed peppermint candies.

#3 is General Tao's Chicken.  Tangy, sweet, and spicy chicken that is perfect served over a bed of rice.  I love how you can adjust the spice level of this chicken by increasing or decreasing the amount of red pepper flakes.  You can also choose to stir fry your chicken instead of dipping it in flour and deep frying it.  One reader added broccoli for a healthy version.

#4 Chick Fil A Nuggets.  This is such a popular recipe and kids LOVE them!  These moist, crispy pieces of chicken are marinated, dipped in a savory breading and fried.  I love that there is enough seasoning in the chicken and breading, that there is no need to dip them in sauce.  They are great by themselves!

#5 is another copy cat recipe: Myzithra Spaghetti, a popular dish from the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Browned butter gives this fast, easy, and simple dish its characteristic caramel flavor.  If you are unable to find Myzithra goat cheese, you can use any of your favorite hard cheeses to top this dish.

#6 is my ever-popular Dinner Roll recipe.  This is a soft, not overly sweet roll that is sturdy enough to mop up gravy. I have made this countless times and it is a very good beginner-bread-baker recipe.  What is fun about this recipe is that I can make a variety of shapes for all occasions...Valentines {heart}, Easter {bunny}, etc. These rolls can be made ahead of time, or made into soft, buttery bread sticks.

#7 is a pressure cooker recipe: BBQ Chicken.  What is unique about this recipe is that you can plunk a piece of frozen chicken, pour some sauce on top (add a little water if necessary) and  will have moist, flavorful chicken in 15 minutes.  Pressure cooking is fast and with the new electric and stove top models, is very safe to use.

#8 is Bahama Mamma Tortilla Soup, a chicken soup with a tropical twist.  This soup is a copy cat recipe from the popular restaurant, Rhumbi Island Grill. Diced chicken, carrots, tomatoes, spices, and coconut milk are poured onto shredded mozzarella cheese and topped with crispy corn tortilla strips for a wonderful and filling soup.

#9 is a popular side from many restaurants, including Ruby Tuesday.  I like them sliced thin and crispy on the side or included in a juicy hamburger.  A little bit of cayenne gives these Onions Straws {strings} their addictive kick.

#10 Last, but not least, is Pork Barbacoa, a popular dish served in Cafe Rio.  This sweet and spicy (you can adjust the heat!) slow cooked shredded pork is great by itself, on a soft flour taco, or in a burrito.  You can save a whole lotta time by making this dish in a pressure cooker!

It looks like my readers have chosen many of my favorites!  Here's to another New Year and to new recipes to come!


  1. You are awesome! Love your blog

  2. You are awesome! Love your blog

  3. Love your blog frieda! Hope to enjoy more of those maglebys rolls our family loves. Now im going to try the chick fil a nuggets. Love itt!


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