0 3 Easy Steps to Frosting Sugar Cookies

A reader of mine asked me how I was able to frost my Valentine Conversation hearts so perfectly, with clean, crisp edges.  Here's how!

1.   Frost your sugar cookie with butter cream icing, using an offset spatula.  An offset spatula is flat and has a bent blade, allowing ease in frosting cakes and cookies. Go past the edges and resist the urge to make it perfect!

2.  Dip your offset spatula in some room temperature water and shake off the excess.  Go over the surface of your cookie lightly, and watch the surface magically smooth over.

3.  Hold the offset spatula 90ยบ to the edge of your cookie and scrape off the excess.  This gives your cookie the desired clean and crisp edge.

Now your cookies are ready to embellish with sprinkles, or additional frosting in various colors. 

Have fun!

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