0 Frosting Sugar Cookies Quickly

I used to frost sugar cookies by hand, that is, using an offset spatula with my buttercream frosting.

Then I had to frost a million sugar cookies.

And my hands got tired.  Cookies got dropped. They didn't look very pretty.

Well, not a million sugar cookies, but a LOT of cookies.
Then I thought, "if cakes are frosted using a piping bag, why not cookies?"
Simple cake decorating supplies are inexpensive.  

Start your collection with a Wilton 10 Inch Piping Bag, which is my favorite size that fits comfortably in my hand.

Next, select your decorating tips.  The one I use the most for frosting sugar cookies is Wilton's No.16 Open Star Tip.

The last thing you will need to purchase is a Wilton Plastic coupler, a plastic ring that holds the tip in place to the decorating bag.

Before you begin, check out this AMAZING frosting bag trick that has changed the way I frost cookies:


Let's begin!

Ummmm....Well....does it look like a shamrock?  Hmmmm....more like a green blob, doesn't it?

I have found it is best to outline your cookie, then fill it in. 

Hold the bag at a 90º angle and outline your cookie.

Then hold the bag at a 45º angle and fill it in.  I like to use a diagonal pattern.

There!  Doesn't that look better?

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