1 Morning Moo's {HOT} Chocolate Milk for Halloween!

We usually get a dusting of snow on the ground around Halloween and the neighborhood kids come dressed in their costumes ... and a winter coat.  Because it is usually cold, we serve hot chocolate to the trick or treaters ... and to their parents that come with them.

Augason Farms sent me a sample of their Morning Moo's Chocolate milk.  It is called a "low fat milk alternative" because it is made with a combination of whey and non fat dry milk.  I have been using Morning Moo's Chocolate Milk for over 15 years, and my family loves it!

Gone are the days of lumpy powdered milk drink.  This is so easy to make.

1) Ffill a clean milk jug with a couple of inches of HOT, HOT tap water.

2)  Scoop in three level cups of powdered chocolate Morning Moo's.

I love using the top of a cut 2 liter plastic soda bottle as a funnel.  Fits perfectly in the milk jug and washes up fine in the top rack of the dishwasher.

3)  Put the lid on, and give it a shake!  Turn the jug upside down to make sure you got all the powder.

4)  Fill the rest of the jug with COLD water and set in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning, pour yourself a thick and smooth glass of chocolate milk!

The skinny:  8 oz is 110 calories, 1 gram of fat, no transfat, and 21 g of carbs

This stuff tastes great hot, too ~

Cut a large marshmallow in half (you can use lightly oiled scissors if you don't want the lines) and stick a chocolate chip in each one.  Easy, huh?  Gotta love simple and easy!

Happy Halloween!

I was given a sample of Augason Farm's Morning Moo's to try.  No other compensation was given to write this post and all the opinions expressed are totally mine. 

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  1. How cute. Yours sounds like the best house to trick or treat at!


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