4 Copy Cat Recipes

Some of my favorite and most popular recipes are the ones that are "copycat" recipes.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not?

While I enjoy making these recipes, I still frequent these restaurants from time to time to enjoy a day off from my kitchen with the company of hubby and friends.


Browned Butter Myzithra Cheese ~ Spaghetti Factory

Chicken Gnocchi Soup ~ Olive Garden

Onion Straws ~ Ruby Tuesday

Outback Bread ~ Outback Steakhouse 

Chicken  Nuggets ~ Chick Fil A

Pork Barbacoa ~ Cafe Rio

Cilantro Lime Rice ~ Cafe Rio 

Spice Shortbread Cookies ~ Little Dutch Boy Bakery


  1. Great post. I want to try some of these.

  2. What a collection! (I thought I was obsessed with copycats!) Can't decide which one to try first...

  3. I love all your choices. Looks like some new favorites for me!

  4. Makes me miss Cafe Rio, but if you can make it at home, all the better!!


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